IROC is looking for mechanics with immediate opportunity for overtime.  Although IROC is looking for full time mechanics; those who are looking for part-time or casual hours will be considered depending on the work arrangements requested by the candidate. Please send resume to

Job Duties:

Hydraulic benchwork related to cylinder, valves, motors, and pumps.

Vehicle overhauls for trucks and equipment.

Millwright work for gearboxes and installations.

Plumb systems with hose, piping and/or tubing.

Trouble shoot and repair 12/24 vdc electrical systems.

Perform basic flow, pressure, and load testing of hydraulic systems.

Other customer designs and project based on customer specifications.

Job Requirements:

Capability to build on existing mechanical knowledge to further develop expertise in hydraulic systems.

Valid min Class 5 driver’s licence.

Ability to communicate job details to suppliers, customers, and colleagues.

Offering Candidates:

Competitive hourly wage. Trade certification & apprenticeship status to be part of wage consideration.

Premium wage for overtime and field work.

Health Benefits.

Other remuneration in accordance with Alberta Employment Standards.

Please send resume to

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